Silverwood Part 2

Hi I’m back! ok, so I was at the part where the sign said tuck your head down or else!( I am NOT making this up!) any way, my mom was so scared that something bad was going to happen to me that she was screaming really loud in my ear.

( FYI: well… the roller- coaster had really low tunnel’s so that’s why the signs where there.) The ride took a really long time for it to finish and when it did my mom said that she would NEVER make me go on a roller-coaster again. After all of that drama I got to pick what we did next… we went on the TRAIN! See you on the next blog : the Silverwood train ride!





I went to Silverwood two times and both times where AWESOME!!! There where lot’s and lot’s of  rides . We Didn’t even go on all of the rides there was so many! We had to camp because the closest hotel was half an hour away :(. But I think that camping out just  added to the fun! On the first time I was there my mom made me go on this really crazy ride and of course It was a roller coaster. (I hate roller coasters!) It really has signs that say tuck your head down or else.(I am not making this up) This adventure is far from over so stay tune for more!

Introduction to Katelyn

Hi! I’m Katelyn, I’m not all that old I am only 9 years old and I can not wait to tell you all about my adventures. I live in Nakusp and it’s not even a town! So you must be wondering why I made my own blog. Well… there’s not that much to do here so when I go out of town it’s pretty cool :). We sometimes go to awesome places like Silverwood and Vancouver. So on this website IIMG_0049 will be telling you what it was like on my trips.